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Burgers in the Chinese Desert

By / December 2013

On Northwest China’s fast food invasion: “Uyghur Muslim culture allows for guys to hang out, whenever, wherever, with whomever they choose, but therea��s been absolutely nowhere for women to meet in public in this rather conservative settlement.”


Gridlock in Xinjiang

By / November 2013

This latest dispatch by Ruth Ingram waxes poignantly and hilariously on the traffic situation in Urumqi: “Crossings, it has to be said, are not exactly as we know and love them in the West.”


Bending Time in Xinjiang

By / September 2013

Ruth Ingram on the curious phenomenon of Xinjiang Time, a self-imposed time zone adhered to by the Uyghurs of far west China, which allows them to stay two hours behind Beijing.


Fighting Over Fashion in Xinjiang

By / September 2013

Fashion, in the form of leather miniskirts and beehive hairdos, is the unlikely setting for a culture war in far western China, writes contributor Ruth Ingram.

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