Ruth Ingram's Archive

Harmony in the Snow

By / December 2015

Ruth Ingram on a park in Urumqi: “Nobody looks twice at the backwards walkers banging their backs against the trees. Nobody stares at the people standing for long periods on one leg.”


In Xinjiang, a Battle Over Bread

By / December 2015

“Fears of encroachment by Han Chinese in Xinjiang,” writes Ruth Ingram, “have produced a conflict of interests where food is a key battleground.”


The Big One

By / October 2015

A dispatch from Kurban, the most important event on the Uyghur calendar: “Boys receive gifts of plastic kalashnikovs and bullets, a way to take pot shots at Chinese who stray into their Uyghur domain. I try to stay out of the line of fire. ”


Watch Another World Go By

By / August 2015

In the foothills outside of booming downtown Urumqi, in Northwest China, a much beleaguered Kazakh village clings to the old ways.


When the Snow Stops

By / March 2014

Ruth Ingram on Urumqi’s winter rituals: “Everyone was given a patch to clear and woe betide the slacker who neglected to sweep his rectangle of road.”


High Heels on the Chinese Slopes

By / January 2014

China’s ski slopes have enjoyed a storied past, writes Ruth Ingram, but now they are laying the foundation for a future that may include the 2022 Winter Olympics.

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