A Sense of Place: Moldovan Demons and Sudanese Fashion

Our top ten of world culture from around the web

By / October 2013

1. An interesting take on the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, aka the “doomsday vault.”

2.  A catwalk in South Sudan.

3. Is Tokyo going green?

4. An eerie photo gallery of Fukushima post earthquake and tsunami.

5. Wine making is broadening horizons for women in South Africa.

6. Intriguing travel guidelines for Chinese tourists going abroad.

7. Delicious slow food in Italy.

8. An interstellar archaeologist’s musings on the Great Beyond.

9. Casting out demons in Moldova, except, perhaps the ones that pose a real threat?

10. A peek into the culture of the Kingdom of Bhutan.


Emily Bratcher is the managing editor of EthnoTraveler. She lives in Iowa City.