A Sense of Place: Mexican Mummies and Scottish Pop

Our top ten in world culture from around the web

By / October 2013

1. Why Antarctica, even in 2013, is tough to map.

2. Laid over at Hong Kong International Airport? Try a round of golf.

3. On Mexico’s creepy new mummy museum.

4. In New Mexico, an epic work of land art, 40 years in the making.

5. Instagramming Tokyo in black and white.

6. Paris: beautiful, filthy, clichéd, incomparable.

7. Scottish synth-pop hits the mainstream.

8. How Iceland has become a book lover‘s paradise.

9. Italian villa for sale, vineyard and olive grove included. One can dream.

10. Is Doha the new art capital of the world?


Emily Bratcher is the managing editor of EthnoTraveler. She lives in Iowa City.