A Sense of Place: Kabul Milk and Kept Women

Our top ten of world culture from around the web

By / October 2013

1. The Jetway “Pop-Up” Hotel may redefine airport hotels.

2. A line-up of unique holidays for families.

3. 10 snippets from the great composer Verdi on his bicentennial.

4. Bringing milk to the tables of Kabul sometimes involves the Taliban.

5. The phenomenon of kept women from rural China.

6. A Roman burial ground underneath London.

7. A novel by Jo Baker, Longbourn, imagines the servants POV in Jane Austen’s classic Pride and Prejudice.

8. The diamond mines of Saturn and Jupiter?

9. “The Little Mermaid Thinking of the Prince” by Chihiro Iwasaki at the Chihiro Art Museum in Tokyo.

10. An Irish castle on the market for £5.5 million.


Emily Bratcher is the managing editor of EthnoTraveler. She lives in Iowa City.