Following the Map in My Feet

By / December 2019

As a student and later during a two-year stint volunteering with a study-abroad program, I spent hours wandering Jerusalem’s streets and alleys, finding new shortcuts and dead-ends, faster ways to get to the falafel stand near Damascus Gate, quieter ways to cross the Old City’s four quarters.


The Wells of Wajir    

By / October 2019

“The presence of water in the desert leads to legend and myth, tales of miracles,” writes Rachel Pieh Jones. “The control of that water, or lack of it, leads to eternal conflict.”


In Rome, the Holidays Get a Sour Face

By / December 2018

In Italy, Saint Nick plays second fiddle to La Befana, the Christmas Hag. Just don’t call her a witch:


The Refuge in the Desert

By / April 2018

At the Shaumari Wildlife Reserve in eastern Jordan, oryxes, onagers and other imperiled wildlife species are making a rally, writes Danny Wright.


Playing in the Ruins

By / December 2017

In Amman, a beloved playground becomes a popular tourist attraction. “When the archaeologists came to dig they would leave holes,” Yoseph said. “We had fun playing in the sand piles and refilling their holes.”


Playing with Time on the Costa del Sol

By / August 2017

Malaga is one of Andalusia’s cultural capitals. In the city center, old and new do a strange dance. Scott Lashinsky sends these pictures.