Germany’s Holiday Markets

Carols, crafts, sausages, and flushed cheeks. Brian McKanna sends these pictures from Germany’s holiday markets.

From a Bench in Beyazit

Danley Shackelford sends these pictures from an Istanbul walkway. “Most of the time, photography requires forethought and planning,” he writes, “but every now and then, something captures your attention uninvitedly.”

In Tulip Time: Pictures from Emirgan Park

Emirgan Park is the premier place to see tulips in Istanbul. Danley Shackelford sends these photographs

The Candlemakers of Sille

Mustafa Kolcu runs the Kolcumum Candle Shop in Sille, a village just outside of Konya in central Turkey. Photographer Clay Crews sends these pictures

Seven Cities of the Apocalypse

Western Turkey is a hotbed of archaeological excavation. Danley Shackelford photographs the ruins of the seven ancient communities of faith singled out in the book of Revelation

Market Day in Chiang Mai

On a rented scooter, photographer Chris Mauger came upon an outdoor market, with its fresh honey stand, near the banks of the Ping River in Chiang Mai’s Srivijaya district.