River Reflections: Pictures from Adana

Adana is the fifth largest city in Turkey. Located in southwest Anatolia, the city sports orange trees, commanding minarets, and a Roman bridge over the Seyhan River.

On Parade in Ufa

The ninth of May is Victory Day in Russia, a holiday marking the date when the Nazis surrendered to the Soviet Union in World War II.

Dripping Bright: Pictures from Holi

During Holi, a Hindu festival for the god Krishna, participants pelt each other with water and colored powders in one of the world’s brightest celebrations.

Ushering in the Spring in Ufa

Maslenitsa, celebrated the week leading up to Lent in the Orthodox faith, features folk dancing, burning dolls, strength contests, and copious amounts of blini. Photos from the Russian town of Ufa.

Cinque Terre’s Rugged Beauty

Pictures from the Italian Riviera, home to vineyards, beaches, quaint villages, and precipitous trails.

Germany’s Holiday Markets

Carols, crafts, sausages, and flushed cheeks in Germany’s holiday markets.