Temple of Gold: Pictures from Amritsar

The Golden Temple draws tens of thousands of pilgrims daily. Photographer Aaron Goccia sends these images.

A Tired Sort of Beauty

Busy bazaars, solitary courtyards, aquamarine domes, and dilapidated houses. Photographer Leeza Taylor sends these pictures from Uzbekistan.

Island Scenes: Pictures from Colonsay

Photographer Jarred McAfee sends these pictures from Colonsay, his ancestral home in the Scottish Inner Hebrides.

Chocolate Madness in Perugia

Danley Shackelford sends these pictures from Italy’s biggest chocolate festival.

Istanbul Scenes: Istiklal Caddesi

Istiklal Caddesi remains one of the Beyo─člu district’s most eclectic strips. Once a stomping ground for Ottoman-era intellectuals, the street is now a crush of musicians, artists, bar hoppers, tourists, trollies, and young professionals.

Streets of Tirana

Between the bright buildings and blue skies of downtown Tirana, the Albanian capital city, you can buy hawks, flowers, and gunfire. Eric Ji sends these photographs.