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You Can’t Go Home Again

By / January 2016

…  a ship came in and prepared to turn around, back to Djibouti. This was a ship designed for animals; goats and sheep, not humans but …  hundred USD per person.

On the fourteen-hour journey to Djibouti, almost every single person on the boat became seasick. People vomited …


To Find a House, To Make a Home

By / December 2015

…  was a dilal, a house finder. He was Ethiopian, living in Djibouti, trying to support a new wife and earn enough money to care for his …  military, or high-end businesses – find housing in Djibouti.

Though largely unknown outside of the country, the job of dilal is …


‘They Want to Be Here’

By / November 2015

…  ages four to twelve are crammed into a single classroom in Djibouti City. The windows are open and a couple of ceiling fans swirl the …  young woman who recently graduated from the University of Djibouti stands in front of a blackboard. She has written the days of the week …


The Coup in the Coffee Fields

By / October 2015

…  contributing editor for EthnoTraveler, lives and writes in Djibouti City. Her writing has appeared in the New York Times, Brain Child, …


Make Some Noise

By / September 2015

…  the Rapper and I tried to meet at the Nougaprix café in Djibouti City, but it was a Thursday evening, the Djiboutian weekend, and kids were swarming. They screamed and ran and threw …


A Mosque, a Book, and a Banister

By / August 2015

…  Hamoudi Mosque in downtown Djibouti is considered one of the city’s most iconic structures. One gushing …  station and this section of market and city, but almost no Djiboutians say ‘Place Mahmoud Harbi.’ Mahmoud Harbi was a Djiboutian and pan-Somalist. He labored for years, ultimately in vain, to join …