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Letter from Forli

By / July 2016

…  store.


Rachel Pieh Jones, a writer living in Djibouti, covers the Horn of Africa for EthnoTraveler. This is her first piece …


Tea Time at the TB Clinic

By / June 2016

…  empty can of powdered milk. These double all over Djibouti City as chairs at roadside restaurants and tea stalls. Sitting down is …  done, in public places, and with little compunction, in Djibouti.

People exited the clinic and came to the tea stall to drink …


Walking in Somaliland

By / May 2016

…  visible weapons than I was used to across the border in Djibouti. I wasn’t supposed to go out walking alone. And after dark, my …  Somaliland. We survived. We have also gone for walks in Djibouti, Kenya, Ethiopia, France, the United States, Turkey, the United Arab …


Around the World in Toilets

By / May 2016

…  strains of classical music while you go.

5. Djibouti
In the city for many men, all the world is a toilet. They just step …  frequent contributor to EthnoTraveler, lives and writes in Djibouti …


The Fish in the Clouds

By / March 2016

…  contributing editor for EthnoTraveler, lives and writes in Djibouti City. Her writing has appeared in the New York Times, Brain Child, …


Women Are My Tribe

By / February 2016

…  a French game similar to boule or bocce. Every evening in Djibouti City a triangular island of dirt right across from the National Djiboutian Football Stadium fills with pétanque teams, older men on one side, …