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Dust on the Djibouti Trail

By / September 2012

…  best way, I’ve found, to experience Djibouti is in my tennis shoes. I run slowly. It enables me to notice small, …  to Arta Plage, a beach a hundred kilometers outside of Djibouti City, I slipped on my white running skirt, laced up my Asics, and took off.

After jogging in long pants and baggy t-shirts in Djibouti City, I felt almost naked with my arms and calves exposed to the sun. …


The View from Djibouti

By / May 2012

…  weary from heat exhaustion. It makes sense; everyone in Djibouti is tired from the sweltering days in the hottest country on earth. …  latter, blue gantry cranes tower over a container ship. Djibouti’s location makes up for her small size, comparable to Massachusetts, …


‘The Possibility of Joy’

By / March 2018

…  stories through the years. From personal essays about Djiboutian marathon running, profiles of Uzbek arm-wrestlers, reporting about …  “the possibility of joy.” –DB


The Djiboutian girls darted between French soldiers and disappeared from view. I …

The World Is a Table

By / January 2017

…  on food from China, Turkey, Peru, Tunisia, France, Israel, Djibouti, and even North Korea. Here is a selection of some of our favorites. …  Kayser


There aren’t many muufo ovens in Djibouti, there may only be Fathia’s, she isn’t sure. Later I find out …

Who Was Hawa Tako?

By / October 2016

Hawa was either a mythical legend or a pan-Somali warrior killed either by a poisoned arrow or by a bullet either while helping a fellow fallen nationalist or while throwing stones at heavily armed Italian forces who were either fighting in desperate defen …


Letter from Bankoulé

By / September 2016

…  there was a waterfall in Bankoulé, a village in northern Djibouti. Because the entire country averages 6.5 inches of rain annually, the …  the coastal city Tadjourah, the largest city in northern Djibouti and requires a rugged 4X4 to reach it. A single sign pointed in the …