For His 30th Birthday, a Norwegian Blogger Hopes to Visit Every Country on Earth

By / February 2019

EthnoTraveler interviews Jørn Bjørn Augestad, who goes by Vagabjorn online, as he heads for the Seychelles.


‘Where Are You Going?’

By / December 2017

In three contemporary films from Kazakhstan, Hungary, and Chile, awe is the antidote to savagery.


A Kind of Levitation

By / September 2017

On a rainy night in Regua, a hilly town in northern Portugal, a photographer is summoned to the house of a wealthy Catholic family to take a final portrait of their deceased daughter, Angelica.


Around the World in Toilets

By / May 2016

Wherever you travel, you’re going to need a bathroom. What will you find? Well, it depends on the place.