Photograph by Carolyn McLaughlin

Alone Together

By / March 2017

The irony of cities is that they can be such isolating places, not communities so much as collections of solitary figures keeping distance in work and in daydreams. Carolyn McLaughlin sends these pictures from Istanbul.

Photograph by Danley Shackelford

Istanbul Will Endure

By / June 2016

As we grieve and fume and await justice for the victims of the terror attack at Ataturk airport, we offer this collection of stories from our favorite city on earth.

Photograph by Jason La Farge

On a Turkish Isle, Cat Paws on Cobblestone

By / April 2016

Jason La Farge sends these pictures from Cunda: “Off-season, the island empties, the elements amplify.”

Photograph by Daniel Smith

Tough as Leather

By / February 2016

For nearly fifty years, Nedim Kurban has been crafting leather in Istanbul’s Kadikoy neighborhood.

Photograph by Brian McKanna 2

Letter from Erzurum

By / January 2016

Brian McKanna writes from Turkey’s coldest city: “Will Russia cut off our natural gas? The answer is always the same: It doesn’t matter. We can make it through winter without gas. We can always burn our tezek.”

Photograph by Josh Hinton

Three Strings for a Song

By / October 2015

Andy Owens profiles Hayri Dev, a Turkish folk musician who has spent a lifetime playing the three-stringed bağlama: “Within five minutes of sitting down on Dev’s back porch in Gökçeyaka, he reaches for his instrument.”