Photograph by Debbie Porter

The Tower Builders of Catalonia

By / November 2015

In Valls, a small town west of Barcelona, people have been standing on each other’s shoulders for centuries.

Photograph by Bobby Rahe

The Luthier of Rubielos Bajos

By / September 2015

Bobby Rahe visits the workshop of Spanish guitar maker Casimiro Lozano: “Lozano combines the traditional methods of his famous luthier in-laws with cutting-edge techniques. His work making double-top guitars is unparalleled.”

Photograph by Marissa Carruthers

My Fiery Surroundings

By / November 2012

Marissa Carruthers on the Canary Islands: “I wondered about the connection between landscape and people, if it might be the case that sheerer terrain made for more memorable personalities.”