About Suffering They Were Never Wrong

By / February 2014

A dispatch from a Russian funeral: “The man cranked his car to life and backed out of the lot, grazing several mourners with his bumper.”


Epiphany on the Russia Express

By / December 2013

Writer Dave Hayton thinks the 40-hour train ride from Makhachkala to Moscow is the world’s best travel experience. “Packed with diverse people all heading in the same direction,” he writes, “the train remains a harbinger of possibility.”


Stomping Grounds: Makhachkala

By / October 2013

Where to go for vodka and disco in Dagestan’s capital: “In America we might shout when wea��re thrilled. In Makhachkala, they might shoot.”


‘The Narrative Found Me’

By / October 2013

Photographer Diana Markosian on capturing a fast-changing Chechnya in pictures: “In today’s Chechnya, it is unusual to see boys and girls together for gym class. Gender segregation is becoming the norm.”


A Wedding Kidnapping in Dagestan

By / September 2013

Dave Hayton on Makhachkala’s marriage rituals: “Western groomsmen don tuxedos and take photos. Here they carpool to the bridea��s village in hopes of kidnapping her.”


‘A Mystic Place’

By / July 2013

Photographer Marco Pighin tells the story behind a strange picture from Siberia: “I like close encounters.”

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