A Very Merry Red Square

By / December 2015

“I wanted to experience Red Square in all of its intrigue and glory,” writes Bobby Rahe,” then my six-year-old daughter spotted the carousel.”


The Case for Russian Travel

By / March 2015

“Russians,” writes Dave Hayton, “will bless your children’s children with the same passion they curse your president. But if you can swallow your taboos and slough off the political criticism, you will gain a lifelong friend.”


A Stranger in the Ural Mountains

By / January 2015

Bobby Rahe follows a Bashkir legend across Bashkortostan: “We were passing from Europe into Asia. Most of the folks working at the roadside stops had lived there for generations. I was a foreigner, just as I was in Ufa. But I was in good company.”


Derbent, Gateway to Peace

By / May 2014

Dave Hayton asks whether Derbent, a multi-ethnic city in southern Dagestan could provide a model for peace in the Middle East.


Not Your Typical Godfather

By / April 2014

Dave Hayton on one Dagestani man’s quest to fight terrorism and unemployment one investment at a time: “Hizri’s resolve to stay in Makhachkala remains a costly one. But a sense of duty keeps him here.”


6 Reasons to Celebrate Sochi

By / February 2014

There may be no better place, writes Dave Hayton, for the world’s athletes to converge: “Should not the message of the Olympics be that you don’t have to be a Paris or a Los Angeles to host the games?”

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