The Lady in the Lake

By / March 2014

A dispatch from the northwest coast of Malaysia: a�?Fifteen minutes to Pulau Danyang,” the boatman informed us, a�?fifteen minutes to the Island of the Pregnant Maiden.a�?


The View from Kuala Lumpur

By / September 2013

In the summer, writes Aaron Goccia, the beauty and diversity of Malaysia’s capital city persists, despite the heat and the smoke and the ceaseless clamor of cranes


Fast Lane

By / May 2013

Campaign signs line a busy street and overpass in northern Kuala Lumpur. Aaron Goccia sends this snapshot.


Carry That Weight

By / April 2013

A rare inside look at Thaipusam, a mysterious Hindu festival involving body piercing, divine possession, and a pilgrimage to a holy Malaysian cave.