The Audacity of Nairobi

By / October 2013

Rachel Pieh Jones reflects on Nairobi, before and after the attack: “The friends I stayed with in Nairobi hosted a barbecue and their six-year old daughter had a suggestion: ‘Wouldna��t it be fun to check under the cars of our friends?'”

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On the Map: Nairobi

By / September 2013

Although known as the Green City in the Sun, Nairobi comes from a word that means “cool waters.”


Amazing Race

By / January 2013

Kenyan writer Carlos Mureithi on a gutsy British journalist’s attempt to explain Kenya’s indomitable long-distance runners.


The View from Nairobi

By / July 2012

Kenyan essayist Abdinasir Amin on his abiding wanderlust for the Green City in the Sun: “I’ve only begun discovering this place. It still feels like something spectacular is just around the corner.”