The Wells of Wajir    

By / October 2019

“The presence of water in the desert leads to legend and myth, tales of miracles,” writes Rachel Pieh Jones. “The control of that water, or lack of it, leads to eternal conflict.”


The Audacity of Nairobi

By / October 2013

Rachel Pieh Jones reflects on Nairobi, before and after the attack: “The friends I stayed with in Nairobi hosted a barbecue and their six-year old daughter had a suggestion: ‘Wouldna��t it be fun to check under the cars of our friends?'”

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On the Map: Nairobi

By / September 2013

Although known as the Green City in the Sun, Nairobi comes from a word that means “cool waters.”


Amazing Race

By / January 2013

Kenyan writer Carlos Mureithi on a gutsy British journalist’s attempt to explain Kenya’s indomitable long-distance runners.


The View from Nairobi

By / July 2012

Kenyan essayist Abdinasir Amin on his abiding wanderlust for the Green City in the Sun: “I’ve only begun discovering this place. It still feels like something spectacular is just around the corner.”