Make Art Not War

By / July 2016

In Amman, writes Danny Wright, graffiti artists are tagging the city’s bland concrete walls, all the while exposing locals to non-traditional forms of expression.


Hot Water Forever

By / April 2016

Danny Wright visits Jordan’s Hammamat Ma’in: “I sat under the waterfall for ninety minutes. The water splashed against my head and shoulders with such force that I had to grip the wall to stay upright. The roar drowned out all other sounds. After a while, I could not feel my limbs.”


In Amman, Dancing to Keep a Culture Alive

By / October 2015

Circassian dance includes acrobatics and long stretches of time spent on tiptoes.


In Amman, Remaking Lives with Repurposed Wood

By / April 2015

Danny Wright on how a shop in Amman is changing perceptions about women with disabilities. “People are uncomfortable with us,” Rania said. “If they would help us, get to know us, they wouldn’t feel that way.”


Something in the Water

By / February 2015

Now I stand on a wooden dock under a thatched roof and watch twenty Russians in white robes wade into the waist-deep Jordan. Some swallow large gulps of the brown, muddy water. Others fill plastic bottles of the sacred swill.


Eating Brains in Old Amman

By / December 2014

Danny Wright on the motley advantages of Jordan’s oddest sandwich: “‘Young men eat it,” an old man watching football interjected, “because they believe it increases their sex drive.'”