In Amman, Remaking Lives with Repurposed Wood

By / April 2015

Danny Wright on how a shop in Amman is changing perceptions about women with disabilities. “People are uncomfortable with us,a�? Rania said. a�?If they would help us, get to know us, they wouldna��t feel that way.a�?


Something in the Water

By / February 2015

Now I stand on a wooden dock under a thatched roof and watch twenty Russians in white robes wade into the waist-deep Jordan. Some swallow large gulps of the brown, muddy water. Others fill plastic bottles of the sacred swill.


Eating Brains in Old Amman

By / December 2014

Danny Wright on the motley advantages of Jordan’s oddest sandwich: “‘Young men eat it,” an old man watching football interjected, “because they believe it increases their sex drive.'”


Shore to Shore in Jordan

By / June 2014

Danny Wright on a Jordanian marathon that takes runners from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea by way of the Arabah Wadi.


Carved from Red Stone

By / March 2014

On facing up to Jordan’s ancient sandstone city: “I had seen columns fashioned and raised from the ground but I had never seen such massive building components carved out of one piece of solid rock.”


In the Valley of the Moon

By / December 2013

A dispatch from a legendary Jordanian valley: “‘These are prints from the mouse and these are prints from the fox,’ Awada said, pointing to the tracks in the sand.”