Photograph by Emily Halonen

Faces in the Trees

By / February 2016

Chris Watts searches for the Jarawa people, in the Andaman Islands: “There were warnings about taking pictures. In 2015, some Brits had posted video online. As a result, officials had closed the road for months.”

Photograph by Rob Smythe

Better than Varanasi

By / December 2015

In northern India, a meal made over a dunghill fire turns a detour into an arrival: “The smell of manure and raw meat mixed in the air. I felt sick, and not only to my stomach. This was the opposite of Varanasi.”

Photograph by Sergi Hill

Let Down and Hanging Around on the Hippie Trail

By / April 2015

In the 1960s and 70s, American and European hippies flocked to India’s Anjuna Beach. A half-century later, what remains of the counterculture bastion?

Photograph by Aaron Goccia

Pageantry on a Perilous Border

By / December 2014

Every day at the Wagah Border, Indian and Pakistani troops make old tensions new.

Picture by Chris Watts

Stomping Grounds: Kodaikanal

By / October 2013

Once again life in this small Indian mountain town has shifted, flowing from field, forest, and workshop down to the food stalls along Observatory Road.

Thingvellir, Iceland, Photography by Bryan Pocius on Flickr

A Sense of Place: Mont Blanc Treasure and a Sinking Paradise

By / September 2013

This week’s top ten includes tips on affordable travel, Indian landscapes, and Canadian marathons.