Beer Secrets from a Bavarian Abbey

By / January 2014

The brewmaster at Ettaler Monastery talks hops and history: “When a Bavarian like myself drinks a standard American beer, it all tastes a little like water. And Germans dona��t like beer that tastes like water.”


Cashing in on Christmas in Germany

By / December 2013

A dispatch from Nuremberg: “Just down the road from Nuremberga��s main square, even Saint Nicholas is in the business of receiving instead of giving. He stands. He plays his accordion. He motions for money.”


A Sense of Place: Schama and Oktoberfest

By / September 2013

Simon Schama, Alfonso CuarA?n and more to look forward to this fall.


Sulzbach Morning Hustle

By / December 2012

Tara Thomas on her son’s walk to school in the German village of Sulzbach am Taunus: “If he had the time, Samuel would properly greet the puppy, letting him leap up and lick his cold face. Not today, though.”


Autumn Afternoon in the Going-Back Garden

By / October 2012

Tara Thomas on Frankfurt’s gardens: “The plots here are the urban equivalent of lake houses; they are also fine spots to commune with the past.”

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