Stomping Grounds: Djibouti City

By / October 2013

Marwo and Mohammed opened the M and M CafA� in 2012 across from Djiboutia��s old train station. I was sipping watermelon juice here when I learned that the US government had shut down.

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A Harvest of Salt

By / September 2013

Powdery dirt covered the salt flats, rose in circular poofs around our ankles, and left streaks, like dried mustard, on our skin. But the earth was deceptive.

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Djiboutia��s White Gold

By / July 2013

Lac Assal, nicknamed Hell, is the lowest point in Africa. It is also the world’s largest salt reserve. Rachel Pieh Jones sends this dispatch.


The Hard Work of Unemployment

By / April 2013

Women cooking over open fires in front of huts, men cutting hair with razor blades, children sorting trash. These are the faces of Djibouti’s jobless.


Bread for the Body, Bread for the Soul

By / February 2013

Rachel Pieh Jones on Djibouti’s baguettes: “I was not prepared for the bread man. I thought it was a dying bird that awoke me every morning.”

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Djibouti the Beautiful

By / January 2013

Rachel Pieh Jones finds splendor in the Djiboutian desert: “The girl and camel are no mirage. The garbage can’t out-shadow the flowers or the volcano.”