Putting the French Back in Fries

By / November 2015

In Canada, writes Brian McKanna, poutine is more than a fad: “PoutineA�is not on the menu at The Globe in Montreal, but Chef David McMillan will serve up the French fried potatoes with duck skin sauce and Stilton upon request.”


Saturday, Lynn Canyon

By / August 2015

On hot Saturdays in the summer, Vancouverites stream into Lynn Canyon Park, home to the only free suspension bridge in Vancouver, as well as natural water slides and pools.


‘Fashion Isn’t Frivolous’

By / July 2015

Elizabeth Semmelhack, curator of the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, talks sneaker culture, Renaissance platforms, and and the odd history of high heels.


In Toronto, Scenes from a Market

By / June 2015

The diverse offerings and lively atmosphere of Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market have led some to call it the world’s greatest food market. Brian McKanna sends these pictures.


Dragons on the Streets of Vancouver

By / March 2015

Danley Shackelford sends pictures from the Chinese New Year festivities in British Columbia, lion and dragon dances included.


‘Last Lane’

By / April 2012

Photographer John Goldsmith shares the story behind one of his favorite pictures from Vancouver: “Sometimes photos creep up on you. This is one of those moments.”