A Harvest of Salt

By / September 2013

Powdery dirt covered the salt flats, rose in circular poofs around our ankles, and left streaks, like dried mustard, on our skin. But the earth was deceptive.

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The Prairie in the Lake

By / August 2013

We saw no water. Not an inch of blue. Water hyacinth, a glossy, invasive plant species had turned Lake Victoria into a field of green.


Port of Shadows

By / May 2013

Reconciling the old and new Tangier, Morocco: “I kept catching traces of the city of shadows, kept hearing faint whispers of what had once been the long and steady howl.”

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Bread for the Body, Bread for the Soul

By / February 2013

Rachel Pieh Jones on Djibouti’s baguettes: “I was not prepared for the bread man. I thought it was a dying bird that awoke me every morning.”

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Let the Rain Tap the Metal Roofs

By / November 2012

Rachel Pieh Jones on the rainy season in Djibouti: “There is no lightning, no thunder, only wind and blooping rain and the chants of kids, cheering down the rain.”

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The View from Mogadishu

By / June 2012

Abdi Latif Dahir returns to the beleaguered capital of Somalia: “The dust on the rubble was settling and that is always the first step towards starting over.”

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