Photograph by Daniel Heggie on Flickr Creative Commons

Land of the Red River Hogs

By / March 2015

Rachel Pieh Jones on a dogged veterinarian’s uphill battle to protect Djibouti’s wildlife, from oryx and ostriches to cheetahs and lynx.

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Photo by US Army Africa on Flickr

A Sense of Place: Sudan

By / December 2013

A snapshot of South Sudan through music, fashion, food, photography, film and more.

Photograph by j-lozinski on Flickr

Light Upon Light

By / December 2013

Rachel Pieh Jones journeys to the top of a Djibouti City lighthouse: “Now that Djibouti has regular, reliable electricity, the lighthouse is harder to pinpoint. It is now as symbolic, in a sense as spiritual, as it is practical.”

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Photograph by Meena Kadri

The Audacity of Nairobi

By / October 2013

Rachel Pieh Jones reflects on Nairobi, before and after the attack: “The friends I stayed with in Nairobi hosted a barbecue and their six-year old daughter had a suggestion: ‘Wouldn’t it be fun to check under the cars of our friends?'”

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Photograph by Joshua Smith

The Space Between

In Ethiopia, a long-distance wedding spotlights the challenge of displacement: “The bride didn’t want her picture taken. She was also, we learned later, very worried about the ceremony.”

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Photograph by Rachel Pieh Jones

Stomping Grounds: Djibouti City

By / October 2013

Marwo and Mohammed opened the M and M Café in 2012 across from Djibouti’s old train station. I was sipping watermelon juice here when I learned that the US government had shut down.

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