Tara Thomas's Archive

Fact and Fiction on the Autobahn

By / March 2017

In Germany, writes Tara Thomas, the idea of a national speed limit is as controversial as gun control in the U.S.


The White Tulip

By / April 2016

After a long winter, Tara Thomas goes hunting for spring flowers in the Netherlands: “It was cold. The wind cut right through my windbreaker and chilled my heart. My favorite flowers were nowhere to be found.”


Spreading the Love

By / January 2016

In Sweden, they add tubed caviar. In the Netherlands, butter and sprinkles. In Germany, it’s raw pork and onions. Tara Thomas runs down seven bizarre things that Europeans spread on bread.


In Germany, Humanity Amid Upheaval

By / November 2015

Refugees and migrants are flooding into Germany. At an elementary school in Moers, writes Tara Thomas, the crisis gets personal.


Desperately Seeking Autumn

By / September 2015

Even in the Ruhr, far from the famous Oktoberfests and vibrant forests, fall, writes Tara Thomas, has its charms: “I needed to look at trees with bright leaves. But how? The Ruhr is landscaped with steel plants.”


First Time in Frankfurt, Again

By / July 2015

Tara Thomas finds surprise on the German autobahn. “We couldn’t wait to leave buttoned-up Frankfurt. So why did returning feel like coming home?”

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