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London Meditations: The Jazz of Sports

By / April 2015

Our man in London on what makes football so indelible to the city: “I know the stereotypes of football fans. But I’ve also seen fathers carrying daughters on shoulders, flush with joy after an unexpected win, singing ‘Wea��re the Bradford Boys, making all of the noise.'”


London Meditations: Prologue

By / February 2015

In a new column, our man in London reckons with becoming an American ex-pat: “Sociologists and demographers would say that I am living a trend, part of a great reverse migration drawing people back to the cities they once left behind.”


Another Shore, Another Song

By / August 2013

How travel inspires indie musician Andy Zipf: “Every trip either helps me begin or finish a song.a�?


Racism Sucks

By / May 2013

On tour with American punk rock band Titus Andronicus: “We take poison and we turn it into medicine. Wherever you go, kids are hungry for relief.”


Playing on the Floor

By / April 2013

Nathan Martin talks with Scottish band Frightened Rabbit about taking live music to people living off the main roads.


Leaving Dublin

By / March 2013

Music columnist Nathan Martin talks with the Irish rock band Little Green Cars about Charles Bukowski, American houses, and life on the road.

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