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Fields of Green

By / March 2013

From a perch above the Great Mosque of Mardin, not far from the border with Syria, a man takes in a view of wheat and barley fields. Michael Cervantez sends this snapshot.


Big John’s World

By / August 2012

As an American air base in southern Turkey sheds troops, Kemal Dagtekin, known in these parts as “Big John,” reflects on the past, an epic road trip across America included, and puzzles over the future of his once-thriving souvenir store.


East Toward Home

By / February 2012

Mike Cervantez on Adana: “Through the spaces between surrounding apartments I could see the snow covered Toros Mountains off in the distance looking like giant icebergs floating in the sky.”


The Cave Dweller

By / December 2011

Caves and boutique hotels don’t normally go together. But Faruk Keles has attempted to blend the two, creating an oasis of rugged comfort in Göreme.

Close Cut

By / December 2011

Ali Alici cuts hair at Kuafor Sahin, a small barber shop in northwestern Adana on Turgut Ozal Boulevard, a street with wide sidewalks lined by shops, banks, and cafes. When business lulls, Ali lounges in front of his shop, talking with friends or playing backgammon.

Crazy for Kebab

By / December 2011

So you call yourself a kebab aficionado? Not if you haven't eaten at Adana's Kazancilar Kebab. What makes Adana kebabs singular and essential is their simplicity. In a world where fusion and tinkering is du jour, Adana kebabs are refreshingly fixed.

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