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Postcard from Walkern

By / May 2015

Mike Cervantez startles into silence in the English countryside: “The wooden gate in the low wall swings open and we stride up the stone path to the door. It’s locked. But our guide says he knows someone with a key, so while he returns to the High Street, we circuit the building.”


In Central Anatolia, Keeping an Ancient Art Alive

By / April 2014

Cappodocia, known for its otherworldly landscape, has long been a hub of ceramic arts. Michael Cervantez sends this dispatch.


Breakfast of Champions

By / March 2014

If it’s not liver kebab, writes Michael Cervantez, it’s not Sunday morning in Adana, an ancient town in southern Turkey.


The Best Humus in Antakya

By / March 2014

Michael Cervantez on Ibrahim of Aleppo: “His humus was not so different as it was penultimate, a near-perfect blend of chickpeas, sesame, garlic and lemon.”


Halls of Food

By / December 2013

Michael Cervantez visits a museum aimed at preserving and propagating Turkish cuisine: “For the chefs, as for the rest of the museum staff, ita��s not just about spreading knowledge but about keeping their history alive.”


Once More to the Roof

By / July 2013

The flying style of Adana pigeons differs from the pigeons raised in Gaziantep, two hours to the east. What was the specialty of Adana pigeons? Metin told me to wait and see.

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