Kaela La Farge's Archive

In Kore, the High Cost of Cleaning Up

By / May 2016

“A nearby recycling plant,” Kaela La Farge writes from the slums of Addis Ababa, “promises to employ locals to sort trash. But how long will the work last?”


Postcard from Awassa

By / August 2015

“Ita��s not a need for speed that brings people to Awassa,” writes Kaela La Farge. “It’s the hippos and the birds and the coffee and the breeze, which is gentle and perpetual.”


Summer in the Ukraine

By / June 2015

Before it was a war zone, the Crimean peninsula was one writer’s idea of paradise: “Now, with every image I see in the news, I wonder how much of the levity that I experienced still endures? How much was in jeopardy before I arrived?”


Clarity on an Ethiopian Airstrip

By / March 2015

A chicken kept brushing against my feet. There was the smell of spiced butter in the air. I was on a bus headed for the Omo Valley. I had a single bottle of water. I had a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese. I had laughably minimal language skills.