Jarred McAfee's Archive

Ancestral Echoes

By / April 2018

A writer goes in search of his last name in Scotland: “In the end, perhaps the outside elements are what unite us. Perhaps what flows from without trumps what flows from within.”


A Spark of Music from Kosovo

By / September 2014

Singer-songwriter Shpat Deda talks love, lyrics, and Kosovo’s diverse soundscape.

Snow Days

By / March 2013

A walker trudges through deep snow in downtown Sarajevo. Jarred McAfee sends this snapshot.


Music at the Crossroads

By / December 2011

TakaTuka is a blend of conservatory-trained and self-taught musicians, six in all. The band’s name is a nonsensical phrase commonly used in Turkey. It is often used to describe dissonant noises, a sort of Turkish “blah blah blah.”

Palm of Their Hand

By / December 2011

How a rogue band of actors, musicians, and artists are shaking up the nightlife in an innocuous Sarajevo neighborhood using that most casual of art forms, cabaret.