Debbie Porter's Archive

The Tower Builders of Catalonia

By / November 2015

In Valls, a small town west of Barcelona, people have been standing on each other’s shoulders for centuries.


‘Art Should Have No Meaning’

By / October 2015

Debbie Porter writes about the architect Su Nan Chu’s efforts to turn Xining, a city of two million in western China, into an oasis of contemporary art.


Postcard from Kowloon

By / September 2015

Near midnight one night this summer, I walked through the Ladies Market in Hong Kong’s Kowloon district. I say I walked. I hardly moved. Nobody did. The market, even at that late hour, was a crush of people.


Postcard from Valparaiso

By / February 2015

A rail splits the hillside in two. There is a single car, almost gondola like in its compartment. I climb aboard. The houses grow larger. The colorful maze morphs into a bustling neighborhood.