Drew Bratcher's Archive

‘Where Are You Going?’

By / December 2017

In three contemporary films from Kazakhstan, Hungary, and Chile, awe is the antidote to savagery.


A Kind of Levitation

By / September 2017

On a rainy night in Regua, a hilly town in northern Portugal, a photographer is summoned to the house of a wealthy Catholic family to take a final portrait of their deceased daughter, Angelica.


Visions of Portugal

By / September 2017

On José Saramago’s late-in-life memoir of village life in Portugal: “When he was 83, Saramago released a memoir, which, like a missive from the grave, came into English translation in 2010, a year after he died.”


The World Is a Table

By / January 2017

EthnoTraveler writers have published essays on food from China, Turkey, Peru, Tunisia, France, Israel, Djibouti, and even North Korea. Here is a selection of some of our favorites.

Istanbul Will Endure

By / June 2016

As we grieve and fume and await justice for the victims of the terror attack at Ataturk airport, we offer this collection of stories from our favorite city on earth.


‘I Am Not Trying to Change the World’

By / December 2013

This year at EthnoTraveler, we published pieces from Rome and Rajasthan, Kashmir and Kuala Lumpur, Concepcion and Grotte de Font-de-Gaume. Here’s a look back.

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