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The Case for Russian Travel

By / March 2015

“Russians,” writes Dave Hayton, “will bless your childrena��s children with the same passion they curse your president. But if you can swallow your taboos and slough off the political criticism, you will gain a lifelong friend.”


Derbent, Gateway to Peace

By / May 2014

Dave Hayton asks whether Derbent, a multi-ethnic city in southern Dagestan could provide a model for peace in the Middle East.


Not Your Typical Godfather

By / April 2014

Dave Hayton on one Dagestani man’s quest to fight terrorism and unemployment one investment at a time: “Hizria��s resolve to stay in Makhachkala remains a costly one. But a sense of duty keeps him here.”


6 Reasons to Celebrate Sochi

By / February 2014

There may be no better place, writes Dave Hayton, for the world’s athletes to converge: “Should not the message of the Olympics be that you don’t have to be a Paris or a Los Angeles to host the games?”


Drink Plenty of Tea and Bathe Once a Week

By / January 2014

Dave Hayton goes on a tea bender in Dagestan: “Teatimes, like the call to prayer, provide a rhythm for the unpredictability of life in these mountains.”


Epiphany on the Russia Express

By / December 2013

Writer Dave Hayton thinks the 40-hour train ride from Makhachkala to Moscow is the world’s best travel experience. “Packed with diverse people all heading in the same direction,” he writes, “the train remains a harbinger of possibility.”

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