Danley Shackelford's Archive

The Case for Geocaching

By / November 2015

From environmental activism and travel incentives to close-knit community and increased consciousness, the global treasure hunt known as geocaching turns up far more than caches.

Saturday, Lynn Canyon

By / August 2015

On hot Saturdays in the summer, Vancouverites stream into Lynn Canyon Park, home to the only free suspension bridge in Vancouver, as well as natural water slides and pools.


Dragons on the Streets of Vancouver

By / March 2015

Danley Shackelford sends pictures from the Chinese New Year festivities in British Columbia, lion and dragon dances included.


Shelter from the Sun

By / September 2013

Passersby take refuge from the hot August sun on the shaded steps of the New Mosque in Istanbul.


‘Humanity Amid the Blur’

By / May 2013

To a certain extent, to experience Freedom Street when the neon lights glow is to feel the pulse of Istanbul.


Bull Session

By / March 2013

Old friends carry on lively conversation as they make their slow way through a crowded street market in Istanbul. Danley Shackelford sends this snapshot.