Chris Watts's Archive

La Cucina Romana

By / December 2011

A restaurant on the outskirts of Rome redeems one writer's take on Italian food.

Floating Villages

By / December 2011

Chris Watts takes a ferry from Italy to Albania: “I find myself watching the Albanian truck drivers, those masters of solitary transit, now enjoying the company of strangers with similar stripes.”

Are We There Yet?

By / December 2011

There are some modes of travel for which the old axiom “getting there is half the fun” does not apply. An overnight bus ride through Burma’s Arakan Mountains, for example.

Ghosts of Ceylon

By / December 2011

For centuries, the Mount Lavinia Hotel has held a perch atop a bluff overlooking the Indian Ocean in the island nation of Sri Lanka.

The Voice in the Crowd

By / December 2011

“Why are you here?” asked the hotel clerk in Chittagong. A common-enough query whenever one travels to out-of-the-way places, the question was uttered on this occasion with a heightened tone of bewilderment, as if the man were afraid for my well-being, and when I replied that I was only passing through, his bewilderment turned into outright alarm.

A Long Night in Myanmar

By / May 2011

Placed under house arrest in a ramshackle bungalow on the coast of Myanmar, a traveling anthropologist confronts his greatest fear and lives to tell the tale.