Chris Watts's Archive

The View from the Strait of Hormuz

By / March 2015

Chris Watts on what the sought-after Middle Eastern chokepoint looks like from an Omani enclave: “I can see Iran from here. Wea��ve gained some elevation, and I can just make it out over the windblown humps of sand.”


Postcard from Galle

By / February 2015

Chris Watts visits a Sri Lankan port: “From the parapet, I can see it all. The sun going scarlet. The blue ocean frothing white. All of it distorted by the equatorial gloam.”


A Complicated Paradise

By / December 2014

On the push to localize tourism in the Maldives: “The conservative society here can come as a shock to travelers looking for budget vacations to Eden. Outside of the private resorts, no alcohol, nightlife, or bikinis are allowed.”


Italy’s Best Kept Secrets

By / November 2014

Chris Watts runs down five underrated Italian locales, from Abruzzo National Park to the ruins at Paestum: “Be careful,” he writes of the town of Lucca, “this place, like ita��s famous Tuscan wine, is intoxicating.”


Italy’s Most Overrated Attractions

By / September 2014

Headed to Italy? Chris Watts runs down the country’s most underwhelming hotspots and offers up some fresh alternatives.


Stomping Grounds: Kodaikanal

By / October 2013

Once again life in this small Indian mountain town has shifted, flowing from field, forest, and workshop down to the food stalls along Observatory Road.