Chris Watts's Archive

Down a Deep Well

By / December 2017

Indian bison are the largest bovine species on earth. They can weigh up to 3,000 pounds. So what happens when one falls into a well? Chris Watts sends this dispatch from Kodaikanal.


In Rome, the Holidays Get a Sour Face

By / December 2016

In Italy, writes Chris Watts, Saint Nick plays second fiddle to La Befana, the Christmas Hag. Just don’t call her a witch.


Faces in the Trees

By / February 2016

Chris Watts searches for the Jarawa people, in the Andaman Islands: “There were warnings about taking pictures. In 2015, some Brits had posted video online. As a result, officials had closed the road for months.”


In Zeus’ Cradle

By / October 2015

Chris Watts sends a dispatch from the island of Naxos: “With free reign to wander, unencumbered, across this large Cycladic island, you quickly discover that most of the narrow, serpentine roads pull you toward the rough interior.”


Let Down and Hanging Around on the Hippie Trail

By / April 2015

In the 1960s and 70s, American and European hippies flocked to India’s Anjuna Beach. A half-century later, what remains of the counterculture bastion?


The View from the Strait of Hormuz

By / March 2015

Chris Watts on what the sought-after Middle Eastern chokepoint looks like from an Omani enclave: “I can see Iran from here. We’ve gained some elevation, and I can just make it out over the windblown humps of sand.”