Bobby Rahe's Archive

A Very Merry Red Square

By / December 2015

“I wanted to experience Red Square in all of its intrigue and glory,” writes Bobby Rahe,” then my six-year-old daughter spotted the carousel.”


The Luthier of Rubielos Bajos

By / September 2015

Bobby Rahe visits the workshop of Spanish guitar maker Casimiro Lozano: “Lozano combines the traditional methods of his famous luthier in-laws with cutting-edge techniques. His work making double-top guitars is unparalleled.”


A Stranger in the Ural Mountains

By / January 2015

Bobby Rahe follows a Bashkir legend across Bashkortostan: “We were passing from Europe into Asia. Most of the folks working at the roadside stops had lived there for generations. I was a foreigner, just as I was in Ufa. But I was in good company.”