Andy Owens's Archive

Once More to the Turkish Bath

By / December 2013

Writer Andy Owens on his favorite scrub down: “He repeats the process until there are small rolls of gray flesh piled around me. Ia��ve heard it said that you leave the hamam with your skin a shade lighter than when you entered.”


In Denizli, A Dish Worth Fighting Over

By / October 2013

Andy Owens on the origins and staying power of a Turkish staple: “Chefs who cook kokoreA� on a hot griddle typically buy it partially cooked. But aficionados insist that the best kokoreA� is roasted over open coals.”


Beautiful Ruins

By / August 2013

Celal AzimAYek, the Turkish archeologist overseeing the dig at Laodicea, says he hopes the ruin will serve as a beacon of religious tolerance.


Laodicea, a City Reborn

By / July 2013

How a hometown archaeologist came to spearhead the excavation of the ancient city of Laodicea, Turkey’s biggest dig in a century.


On the Line

By / April 2013

Fishermen in western Turkey cast into the Aegean Sea on a warm spring day. Andy Owens sends this snapshot.


All the Broken-Hearted Young Shepherds

By / October 2012

Andy Owens on the Shepherd Games, a 900-year-old competition in Turkey: “Success was beginning to seem as dubious as the legend that gave birth to the kerfuffle.”