About Us

Photograph by Jared McAfee

EthnoTraveler is a dynamic online magazine about international culture. Our aim is to supply a globally minded English-speaking audience with stories that flesh out the realities of life in familiar and unfamiliar parts of the world. We publish profiles, well-researched trend-type pieces, essays of the personal and descriptive variety, narrative Q&As, and photo stories. In recent months we have published pieces from Turkey, Nigeria, Albania, China, India, Tunisia, Ireland, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Nicaragua, North Korea, and Burma.

EthnoTraveler works with established writers as well as first-time authors. Contributors to EthnoTraveler have published writing and photography in The Guardian, New York Times, Washington Post, The New Yorker, National Geographic, Vanity Fair, Le Monde, San Francisco Chronicle, U.S. News & World Report, Africa Review, Global Post, Oxford American, National Review, Paris Review Daily, and many other publications.

Along with a commitment to regularly producing high-quality content that engages our growing international readership, we are committed to equipping aspiring writers with the skills and opportunities needed to become regular contributors to the magazine.

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Drew Bratcher, Editorial Adviser
Drew Bratcher is a writer and editor who divides his time between Washington, DC and Iowa City. After graduating from the Missouri School of Journalism, Bratcher worked as a feature writer and assistant editor at The Washingtonian, where he also served as the magazine’s book critic. A contributor to the Oxford American, the Paris Review Daily, and Nowhere Magazine, Bratcher founded EthnoTraveler in 2010. He is currently an MFA candidate at the University of Iowa, where he teaches Nonfiction Writing.

Emily Halonen Bratcher, Associate Editorial Adviser
Emily Halonen Bratcher has worked at various travel, shelter, and lifestyle publications in London and Washington, including Real Homes, Washingtonian, and, most recently, U.S. News & World Report, where she helped launch the magazine’s travel hub, U.S. News Travel. Her work has also appeared, or is forthcoming, in Outside, Southern Living, the Huffington Post, Yahoo Travel, and Brand USA.