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Dreams of Djiboutian Olympic Glory

By / August 2016

…  Souleiman is Djibouti’s best hope for an Olympic medal in nearly thirty years. Athletes …  two years in a row, while setting a meet record. He holds Djiboutian records in all distances from the 800-meters to the …  overpays him.

Ayanleh is one of the most well-known Djiboutians and he is easy to spot. Average height and skinny, he has the …


Stories of the Year: Djibouti

By / December 2013

…  is not a country that appears often in news headlines outside of its …  economic changes, and athletic success. From inside Djibouti, a boot-shaped nation in the African Horn, here are some of the year’s …  The Vote
The most significant story of the year in Djibouti was the parliamentary election that took place in March. Opposition …


Stomping Grounds: Djibouti City

By / October 2013

…  and Mohammed opened the M and M Café in 2012 across from Djibouti’s old train station. The café’s signature color is burnt orange, …  between French music videos, English CNN broadcasts, and Djiboutian advertisements. This is where, due to the time change, I sipped …

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Djibouti’s White Gold

By / July 2013


Djiboutia��s White Gold

By / July 2013

…  salt caravans still cross the Danakil Depression between Djibouti and Ethiopia. Camels, led by Afar men and loaded down with salt bricks …  de la Rüe and his wife began the arduous task of mapping Djibouti, or what was then known as French Somaliland. In the region of the …


Djibouti the Beautiful

By / January 2013

…  starkness and burning heat have earned her articles entitled, …  open to see beyond trucker fumes and sweat-soaked skin, Djibouti offers beauty that can stun observers into silent humility.

The …  of garbage mark the potholed road between Djibouti Town and the desert, along the US military base Camp Lemonier all the …