Alone Together

Photographs from Istanbul

By / March 2017

The great irony of the city, of course, is that it can be such an isolating place, not a community of coordinated populations living in close proximity so much as a loose collection of solitary figures keeping distance in work and in daydreams. Perhaps that also describes something of the city’s appeal: If you’re going to be alone why not be alone together. Carolyn McLaughlin sends these pictures from Istanbul, a city of nearly fifteen million people, each one the only one. — DB


rsz_05-18-2013_-0320Catching anchovies and sardines is a popular pastime on the Bosporus in Istanbul.


rsz_05-18-2013_-0332A kebab seller in an open window awaits customers at lunch time.


rsz_05-18-2013_-0369A woman waits for her ferry during the evening commute across the Bosporus from Istanbul’s Asian side to the European side.


rsz_05-18-2013_-0392A young vender sells roasted corn on a stick to fishermen and tourists in Kadikoy, a park along the Bosporus in Istanbul.


In a restaurant window, a woman pauses from making “lachmacun,” a thin dough topped with minced meat, minced onions and tomatoes, and spices such as cayenne pepper, paprika, and cinnamon.


rsz_img_0294A man retreats for respite from the crowded streets to an open air cafe overlooking Istanbul on the European side.


rsz_turkey-4584A seagull keeps watch on the rooftops of Kadikoy.


Carolyn M. is a photographer and avid traveler.