A Sense of Place: Sudan

Our top ten from around the web in Sudanese culture

By / December 2013

1. The New York Times profiles a “lost boy” coming of age. 

2. The BBC’s timeline on Sudan’s tumultuous history.

3. A trailer for the 2003 independent film Lost Boys of Sudan.

4. On high fashion in South Sudan.

5. Sudanese artist Ibrahim el-Salahi’s Tate Modern show.

6. Hear the Nile Project’s newly released album,  Aswan, featuring musicians from South Sudan and Sudan.

7. A National Geographic photo gallery of Sudanese migrants.

8. A rundown of recipes from Sudan.

9. The Independent on South Sudan as a travel destination.

10. A five-year-old talks to Jimmy Kimmel about Al Gore, geography and South Sudan.


Emily Bratcher is the managing editor of EthnoTraveler. She lives in Iowa City.