A Sense of Place: Mont Blanc Treasure and a Sinking Paradise

This week's top ten from around the web

By / September 2013

1. Some bitter travelers in the bitter cold take some beautiful pictures of Iceland.

2. “Art in Unlikely Places” by an AFAR Ambassador.

3. Tips on affording travel from a backpacking extraordinaire.

4. Can paradise expire? Apparently, so as the Maldives is proving

5. Buried treasure on Mont Blanc.

6. See Singapore in 48 hours.

7. An Ontario Marathon is won unconventionally.

8. Feeling lucky? Enter a contest on Wanderlust to win a trip to South Africa.

9. Falling asleep in the cockpit: Lots of British pilots admit to having done it.

10. A landscape painting by artist Abanindranath Tagore.


Emily Bratcher is the managing editor of EthnoTraveler. She lives in Iowa City.