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A snapshot from Mogadishu

By / July 2013

In a memorable EthnoTraveler essay from last summer, the journalist Abdi Latif Dahir traveled back to his hometown of Mogadishu to survey the seaside town’s overtures at peace and redevelopment. He found a changing and hopeful, if still volatile, scene. Latif’s essay began with a guard pulling a gun on him when he attempted to take a photograph of the Somali National Theater which, he wrote, “like so many iconic structures in Mogadishu, ha[d] become a relic.”

Dahir returned to Mogaishu this year and was able to snap a picture after all. “I visited the theater, this time with the blessing of the Mayor and even went inside to see the on-going renovation efforts,” he writes. “A relic of a two-decade war, the fresh coat of paint on the building’s facade and the spic and span signage in three languages is a sign of how Mogadishu is changing for the better.” You can view more photos from Dahir’s Mogadishu adventures here.


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