Cotton and Columns on the Turkish Hillside

From a distance, set against a backdrop of lush greenery and sheer rock, Paumkkale looks like an isolated snowscape, but the stone terraces are soft and the waters are warm.

In Jerash, History and Music Among the Ruins

North of Amman, the Roman ruins at Jerash have become a major attraction and the site of a popular music festival.

Notes From an Indian Cot

In rural Indian villages, the family cot is many things: a table, a pulpit, a seat of honor—an object so ubiquitous its beauty and versatility often goes unnoticed

A Kind of Levitation

On a rainy night in Regua, a hilly town in northern Portugal, a photographer is summoned to the house of a wealthy Catholic family to take a final portrait of their deceased daughter, Angelica.

Temple of Gold: Pictures from Amritsar

The Golden Temple draws tens of thousands of pilgrims daily. Photographer Aaron Goccia sends these images.