Photograph by Danny Wright

My Grandmother Taught My Mother Who Taught Me

Nellie Safadi teaches Danny Wright how to make a Jordanian culinary staple: “In Arabic,” she says, “the word mansaf means ‘blow up.’ People eat the dish so fast it looks like it has exploded in every direction.”


Letter from Bankoulé

Rachel Pieh Jones goes looking for a waterfall in the Djiboutian desert: “I tried to keep my expectations low. I know how little water there is in the desert, how unlikely it is to fall in substantial cascades.”

Colonsay coast. Photograph by Jarred McAfee

Island Scenes: Pictures from Colonsay

Photographer Jarred McAfee sends these pictures from Colonsay, his ancestral home in the Scottish Inner Hebrides.

Photograph by Joshua Smith

The World Is a Table

EthnoTraveler writers have published essays on food from China, Turkey, Peru, Tunisia, France, Israel, Djibouti, and even North Korea. Here is a selection of some of our favorites.

Photograph by Brian McKanna

Under the Hammer

In the Haitian village of Croix-des-Bouquets, writes Brian McKanna, metalworkers bring shape and meaning out of mangled loss.