Photograph by Rachel Pieh Jones

‘They Want to Be Here’

Rachel Pieh Jones writes about a remarkable school in Djibouti City: “The kids in this neighborhood prompted me to write articles about sexual harassment and rage. Then I met the kids at Saada’s school.”

Photograph by Thomas Rassloff

In Germany, Humanity Amid Upheaval

Refugees and migrants are flooding into Germany. At an elementary school in Moers, writes Tara Thomas, the crisis gets personal.

Photograph by Danley Shackelford

The Case for Geocaching

From environmental activism and travel incentives to close-knit community and increased consciousness, the global treasure hunt known as geocaching turns up far more than caches.

Photograph by Lucas Richarz

Putting the French Back in Fries

In Canada, writes Brian McKanna, poutine is more than a fad: “Poutine is not on the menu at The Globe in Montreal, but Chef David McMillan will serve up the French fried potatoes with duck skin sauce and Stilton upon request.”

Photograph by Sergey Galyonkin

A Tale of Two Islands

Cyprus is home to the world’s last divided capital. “Recently,” writes Kenny Houston, “I ambled between the two sides with little trouble–waiting at the checkpoint was my only hassle–but traversing this island hasn’t always been so easy.”