Photograph by Sergi Hill

Let Down and Hanging Around on the Hippie Trail

In the 1960s and 70s, American and European hippies flocked to India’s Anjuna Beach. A half-century later, what remains of the counterculture bastion?

Photograph by Rachel Pieh Jones

Where the Bread Is Hot as Hell

“There aren’t many muufo (pronounced mofo) ovens in Djibouti City,” writes Rachel Pieh Jones, “Fathia says hers may be the only one. Whatever the case, she isn’t too worried about competition.”

Photograph by Danny Wright

In Amman, Remaking Lives with Repurposed Wood

Danny Wright on how a shop in Amman is changing perceptions about women with disabilities. “People are uncomfortable with us,” Rania said. “If they would help us, get to know us, they wouldn’t feel that way.”

Photograph by Matthew Wilkinson

London Meditations: The Jazz of Sports

Our man in London on what makes football so indelible to the city: “I know the stereotypes of football fans. But I’ve also seen fathers carrying daughters on shoulders, flush with joy after an unexpected win, singing ‘We’re the Bradford Boys, making all of the noise.’”

Photograph by Brian McKanna

Step in Time

Brian McKanna goes dancing on the Black Sea coast: “The history of the horon is full of lore, as well as a bit of mystery. Could it have come from Ireland? Gaelic peoples once populated the Anatolian plains—even bagpipes have Middle Eastern roots.”