Photograph by Rachel Pieh Jones

The Voyeur at the Wedding

“I’ve lived so long in Djibouti,” writes Rachel Pieh Jones, “that I rarely feel like a tourist. But it was important for me to be reminded at the wedding that day that I am. That, in some sense, I will never fully blend in.”

Photograph by Josh Hinton

When Camels Collide

For months, in southwestern Turkey, fanatical camel wrestling fans, hyped on rivalry and glass after glass of Raki, flock to tournaments across the region with the hopes of glimpsing a champion. Andy Owens sends this dispatch.

Photograph by Eric Jusino

Postcard from Walkern

Mike Cervantez startles into silence in the English countryside: “The wooden gate in the low wall swings open and we stride up the stone path to the door. It’s locked. But our guide says he knows someone with a key, so while he returns to the High Street, we circuit the building.”

Photograph by Jason La Farge

Fire on the Water

Writer Jason La Farge takes a ferry ride to Angkor Wat: “I was a little seasick. I was more than a little sunburnt. I was right on the cusp of falling asleep when the boat jerked to the side.”

Photograph by Sergi Hill

Let Down and Hanging Around on the Hippie Trail

In the 1960s and 70s, American and European hippies flocked to India’s Anjuna Beach. A half-century later, what remains of the counterculture bastion?