Photograph by Mando Gomez

Around the World in Toilets

Wherever you travel, you’re going to need a bathroom. What will you find? Well, it depends on the place.

Photograph by Brent Ozar

The White Tulip

After a long winter, Tara Thomas goes hunting for spring flowers in the Netherlands: “It was cold. The wind cut right through my windbreaker and chilled my heart. My favorite flowers were nowhere to be found.”

Khaju Bridge. Photograph by Erwin Bolwidt

5 Beautiful Bridges

What’s your favorite bridge? From Iran’s Khaju to Paris’s Pont Neuf, here is our list of five of the world’s most stunning.

Photograph by Danny Wright

Hot Water Forever

Danny Wright visits Jordan’s Hammamat Ma’in: “I sat under the waterfall for ninety minutes. The roar drowned out all other sounds. After a while, I could no longer feel my limbs.”

Photograph by Jason La Farge

On a Turkish Isle, Cat Paws on Cobblestone

Jason La Farge sends these pictures from Cunda: “Off-season, the island empties, the elements amplify.”