Photograph by Danley Shackelford

Dragons on the Streets of Vancouver

Danley Shackelford sends pictures from the Chinese New Year festivities in British Columbia, lion and dragon dances included.

Photograph by Photocapy on Flickr Creative Commons

Diversion and Solidarity in a German Market

Hawking and other kinds of yelling are not typical in the prized serenity of German culture, but occasionally an eager vendor at the weekly market breaks the rule.

Photograph by G.A. Hussein on Flickr Creative Commons

Death by Heartbreak

Rachel Pieh Jones on the poet who taught Somalis how to love: “Some say Elmi was an idiot, weak. Some say he was a genius, the ideal lover. To me, it doesn’t matter which he was. What matters is the question his story raises.”

Photograph by Brigitte Djajasasmita

Postcard from Valparaiso

A rail splits the hillside in two. There is a single car, almost gondola like in its compartment. I climb aboard. The houses grow larger. The colorful maze morphs into a bustling neighborhood.

Photograph by IDF on Flickr Creative Commons

Something in the Water

Now I stand on a wooden dock under a thatched roof and watch twenty Russians in white robes wade into the waist-deep Jordan. Some swallow large gulps of the brown, muddy water. Others fill plastic bottles of the sacred swill.