Sikh guard at the Golden Temple. Photograph by Aaron Goccia

Temple of Gold: Pictures from Amritsar

The Golden Temple draws tens of thousands of pilgrims daily. Photographer Aaron Goccia sends these images.

Photograph by Photos et Voyages on Flickr Creative Commons

In Budapest, Marking a Red Past With Stalin and Marx

Brian McKanna on Memento Park: “Its architect, Akos Eleod, explicitly set out to create a space where visitors can explore dictatorship in the freedom of democracy.”

Photo by Pedro Szekely

The View from the Sun Gate

Ariel Grove on the ethereal beauty of Machu Picchu: “The terrain changes from one moment to the next. I feel the wonder of being high up and tucked away all at once, of watching a performance with no exact replica.”

Photograph by Leeza Taylor

A Tired Sort of Beauty

Busy bazaars, solitary courtyards, aquamarine domes, and dilapidated houses. Photographer Leeza Taylor sends these pictures from Uzbekistan.

Photograph by Josh Hinton

A Carpet Merchant’s Lament

Rugs are synonymous with Turkey. It’s been that way for hundreds for years. But Rifki Ezgin, a long-time carpet merchant in Denizli, a city in southwestern Turkey, fears the ancient art form is in danger.