Island Scenes: Pictures from Jeju

The island of Jeju, site of South Korea’s highest mountain, is a favorite vacation spot for local South Koreans. The island is flush with history, white beaches, and mysterious caves. Carmen Chan sends these photos.

Photograph by Aaron Goccia

In Thailand, a Reliquary Among the Trees

A dispatch from Wat Umong, a Buddhist holy site outside of Chiang Mai: “Over time,” writes Aaron Goccia, “monks and locals began to deposit busts of the Buddha, effigies of the kings, broken dragons.”

Photograph by Danny Wright

Shore to Shore in Jordan

Danny Wright on a Jordanian marathon that takes runners from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea by way of the Arabah Wadi.

Photograph by Danley Shackelford

River Reflections: Pictures from Adana

Adana is the fifth largest city in Turkey. Located in southwest Anatolia, the city sports orange trees, commanding minarets, and a Roman bridge over the Seyhan River. Danley Shackelford sends these photos.

Photograph by Allie Verbovetskaya

Derbent, Gateway to Peace

Dave Hayton asks whether Derbent, a multi-ethnic city in southern Dagestan could provide a model for peace in the Middle East.