Photograph by Allison Rushing

Kathmandu Sunset

Year round, pilgrims flock to the Boudhanath Stupa, which is flush with prayer wheels, prayer flags, and meditative walking paths. Allison Rushing sends these pictures of Nepal’s wind-whipped temple.

Photograph by Daniel Heggie on Flickr Creative Commons

Land of the Red River Hogs

Rachel Pieh Jones on a dogged veterinarian’s uphill battle to protect Djibouti’s wildlife, from oryx and ostriches to cheetahs and lynx.

Photograph by Kaela La Farge

Clarity on an Ethiopian Airstrip

A chicken kept brushing against my feet. There was the smell of spiced butter in the air. I was on a bus headed for the Omo Valley. I had a single bottle of water. I had a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese. I had laughably minimal language skills.

Photograph by Martin Müller

Sandcastles in the Desert

Can Dubai, the Detroit of the Middle East, escape the fate of other boom towns?

Photograph by Alex Freemon

The View from the Strait of Hormuz

Chris Watts on what the sought-after Middle Eastern chokepoint looks like from an Omani enclave: “I can see Iran from here. We’ve gained some elevation, and I can just make it out over the windblown humps of sand.”