Photograph by Chris Watts

In Zeus’ Cradle

Chris Watts sends a dispatch from the island of Naxos: “With free reign to wander, unencumbered, across this large Cycladic island, you quickly discover that most of the narrow, serpentine roads pull you toward the rough interior.”

Photograph by Danny Wright

In Amman, Dancing to Keep a Culture Alive

Circassian dance includes acrobatics and long stretches of time spent on tiptoes.

Photograph by Ruth Ingram

The Big One

A dispatch from Kurban, the most important event on the Uyghur calendar: “Boys receive gifts of plastic kalashnikovs and bullets, a way to take pot shots at Chinese who stray into their Uyghur domain. I try to stay out of the line of fire. ”

Photograph by Brian McKanna

An Egg and a Stone

Modern-day Georgians descend into the vale of far northeastern Turkey to experience what remains of Tao-Klarjeti, their medieval kingdom.

Photograph by Rachel Pieh Jones

Make Some Noise

Rachel Pieh Jones profiles a young rapper trying to make it in Djibouti’s fledgling hip hop scene: “Fahmi put out a cigarette. He said that he was out of sorts this evening. I was surprised at his mastery of English curse words.”