Ibrahim holds his American passport and the Yemeni passports of his family.

You Can’t Go Home Again

In March of 2015, Ibrahim crammed his wife and nine kids into a car and raced out of the Yemeni city of al-Dhale as it crumbled. They hoped to find a way out of Yemen at the port city of Aden. But first they had to pass through a checkpoint.

Photograph by Quinn Dombrowski

Spreading the Love

In Sweden, they add tubed caviar. In the Netherlands, butter and sprinkles. In Germany, it’s raw pork and onions. Tara Thomas runs down seven bizarre things that Europeans spread on bread.

Photograph by Brian McKanna 2

Letter from Erzurum

Brian McKanna writes from Turkey’s coldest city: “Will Russia cut off our natural gas? The answer is always the same: It doesn’t matter. We can make it through winter without gas. We can always burn our tezek.”

Photograph by Rachel Pieh Jones

To Find a House, To Make a Home

In Djibouti, writes Rachel Pieh Jones, the work of dilals, or house finders, is unheralded yet profound: “Home becomes our place of melding the old and new, familiar and foreign, into the shape of our own liking.”

Urumqi People's Park. Photograph by Asian Development Bank

Harmony in the Snow

Ruth Ingram on a park in Urumqi: “Nobody looks twice at the backwards walkers banging their backs against the trees. Nobody stares at the people standing for long periods on one leg.”