Photograph by Scott Lashinksy

Beirut, City of Lights

One of the world’s oldest cities, Beirut is also among the Middle East’s most diverse, with sizable populations of many Muslim and Christian sects. Photographer Scott Lashinsky sends these pictures of Beirut’s many colors.

Environmental Distaster

Beirut Has a Garbage Problem

“What will happen,” asks Rachel Pieh Jones, “when Beirut’s temporary landfills overflow or if the ocean-side dump is blocked because of environmental damage?”


In Rome, the Holidays Get a Sour Face

In Italy, writes Chris Watts, Saint Nick plays second fiddle to La Befana, the Christmas Hag. Just don’t call her a witch.

Photograph by Danny Wright

‘We Don’t Sell This’

In a Jordanian village, the Al Qurashi family has been making olive oil for generations: “Harun dumps the pulp into a pan and massages the mess with his fingers. He scoops up a fist-sized portion, squeezes it between his palms.”

Somali banknote featuring Hawo Tako

Who Was Hawa Tako?

In Somalia, the debate about a national hero’s legacy: “There are two ways of remembering Hawa Tako. There is the woman and there is the meaning of the woman. The stories of our national heroes become monuments of personal and collective memory.”