Photograph by Michael

Not Your Typical Godfather

Dave Hayton on one Dagestani man’s quest to fight terrorism and unemployment one investment at a time: “Hizri’s resolve to stay in Makhachkala remains a costly one. But a sense of duty keeps him here.”

Photograph by Michael Cervantez

In Central Anatolia, Keeping an Ancient Art Alive

Cappodocia, known for its otherworldly landscape, has long been a hub of ceramic arts. Michael Cervantez sends this dispatch.

Photograph by Scott Robertson

Dripping Bright: Pictures from Holi

During Holi, a Hindu festival for the god Krishna, participants pelt each other with water and colored powders in one of the world’s brightest celebrations. Scott Robertson sends these images from Tamil Nadu.

Photograph by Brian McKanna

On a Hotly Contested Border, a Ruin Gets Its Due

“In the decades after WWI,” writes Brian McKanna, “Ani’s ruins were left to crumble. Vandals raided the churches. Until 2004, visitors had to get special permission from local authorities. Even photographs were banned.”

photograph by andres monroy-hernandez

The Lady in the Lake

A dispatch from the northwest coast of Malaysia: “Fifteen minutes to Pulau Danyang,” the boatman informed us, “fifteen minutes to the Island of the Pregnant Maiden.”