Photograph by Rachel Pieh Jones (1)

A Mosque, a Book, and a Banister

“The codes surrounding holy books and buildings in Islam are different than in the religion I grew up with,” writes Rachel Pieh Jones in her latest essay from Djibouti, “but there are similarities.”

Photograph by Brian McKanna

The Women in the Fields

In Rize, Brian McKanna visits the brave, indefatigable women responsible for Turkey’s summer tea harvest: “‘Are the men lazy?’ I asked. ‘Oh, definitely,’ Serpil said.”

Kazakh boy with baby camel

Watch Another World Go By

In the foothills outside of booming downtown Urumqi, in Northwest China, a much beleaguered Kazakh village clings to the old ways.

Photograph by Borya on Flickr Creative Commons

Day of the Goat

Over a breakfast of tomatoes, cheese, olives, bread and hot, black tea, I asked Ergun what he had in mind. He spoke a word I don’t know, kırkım. It was the same word he had used on the phone the night before. “What’s a kırkım?” I asked.


Saturday, Lynn Canyon

On hot Saturdays in the summer, Vancouverites stream into Lynn Canyon Park, home to the only free suspension bridge in Vancouver, as well as natural water slides and pools.