Photograph by Alex Freemon

Cairo Beyond the Pyramids

The markets, the mosques, the people, the haze. Alex Freemon sends these pictures of the Egyptian capital.

Photograph by Andrea Calabretta

The Spice Seller

A search for local seasoning reveals a different side of Tunisia: “I had a feeling he was not telling us this interesting detail out of simple kindness, but sometimes it was hard to tell. Many people were very kind for no reason at all.”

Photograph by barnyz on Flickr Creative Commons

First Time in Frankfurt, Again

Tara Thomas finds surprise on the German autobahn. “We couldn’t wait to leave buttoned-up Frankfurt. So why did returning feel like coming home?”

Photograph by Andy Owens

The Ramadan Drummer

In Denizli, Ramadan sounds like the banging of Ali Bozdag’s drum: “People hear the sound, turn on the lights and say, ‘Ah, my drummer’s here!’ It helps stir a desire for people to fast.”

Ancient snow boot. Photograph by Enrique Cespedes

‘Fashion Isn’t Frivolous’

Elizabeth Semmelhack, curator of the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, talks sneaker culture, Renaissance platforms, and and the odd history of high heels.