Photograph by Moyan Brenn on Flickr Creative Commons

Good Neighbors

An robbery prompts Ryan Wolf to question cultural shifts in Istanbul: “There is little energy left to catch up on neighborhood gossip over tea, let alone bring over food to neighbors on holidays, activities that used to be hallmarks of life here.”

The Institute of Djiboutian Arts in Djibouti displays student artwork. (U.S. Army photo illustration by Specialist Michelle C. Lawrence)

The Color and the Shape

In Djibouti City, writes Rachel Pieh Jones, art is often considered a luxury, occasionally even a disgrace, and painters struggle to find an audience and vindication for their work.

Photograph by Robyn Lee

Postcard from Kadikoy

Ryan Wolf encounters leftist newspaper hawkers, fried sea bass, street mutts, and a Black Sea wind on Istanbul’s Asian side.

Photograph by Brian McKanna

In Toronto, Scenes from a Market

The diverse offerings and lively atmosphere of Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market have led some to call it the world’s greatest food market. Brian McKanna sends these pictures.

Photograph by Kaela La Farge

Summer in the Ukraine

Before it was a war zone, the Crimean peninsula was one writer’s idea of paradise: “Now, with every image I see in the news, I wonder how much of the levity that I experienced still endures? How much was in jeopardy before I arrived?”